Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today was weird.
one of my classes was weird.
i couldn't consentrate at all..
my mind kept wondering,
looking around the room.
i had to stop myself.

after school just went to get
my maid of honor dress
for 2 weddings..(1 dress=both weddings)
i dislike it strongly.
its not flattering at all...sorry but its kinda ugly.
but its ok

i went tonight to a "group groove" class.
it was sooooo much funn!!!!
(if ya haven't been-tues&thurs at exygen!)
i saw someone that i use to be close to..
in a way it kinda hurt but at the same time,
it felt good to be in the same room...
to pretend nothing happened and that same bond is still there.
yayaa in my dreams right?

well sorry today isn't much and kinda Blah.
trying to write as much as i can.
until next time..

Jenna Marie

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